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Push 4 Parks

Proposed Development

Multi-Use Trail, 2 Fishing Piers, 2 meditative gardens, Sway Benches, Trees
Multi-Use Trail, Basketball Courts, Bike Racks, Rain Gardens, Trees
Water Fountains, Park Benches, Basketball Court Parking, Concrete Games, Wetland Restoration, Landscaping, Trees
Trail Lighting

Elements of Development

Multi-Use Trail

An approximate 1 mile multi-use Terrewalk Path (10’ wide) system will be constructed throughout Patton Park. Our multi-use Terrewalk trails will have a positive impact both in the community and in the economy. A multi-use trail design, then, can provide a free means of healthy exercise for those in urban and rural areas alike. Walking or hiking a few times a week has shown to improve overall health, even in otherwise inactive individuals. This, in turn, decreases health care costs. A National Park Service Study revealed those who exercise file 14% fewer health care claims and spend 30% fewer days in the hospital than those who are sedentary. Constructing trails and green spaces is a worthwhile long-term investment. According to the National Association of Realtors, land adjacent to trails and greenways can offer homeowners a significant increase in property value.




Shade Structures

The Patton Park Project includes several elements that will provide shade for park users. Elements include:

  • 10’ tall Isosceles Sail Shades In Dog Park

  • Custom Sail Shade for the Spider Pocket

  • Custom Sail Shade for the Tree Pocket

  • Trees (Click here for more information) 




A variety of seating options will be installed throughout the development of Patton Park.

  • Sway Bench: Take a break from the standard bench to enjoy a leisurely swing with the sway bench. The 12-gauge punched steel swing seat is supported by 3.5″ diameter posts that support a gentle swinging motion. A variety of color options for the swing seat and posts allow you to create a bench that blends seamlessly into your recreation space.

  • SwingTable: A unique hybrid of a swing-set and a table

  • Park Benches



Fishing Piers

Two accessible fishing piers will be added to the south side of the Patton pond.





The Patton Park Project includes the planting of over 200 trees! Tree species include Eastern Red Cedar, a variety of oak (bur oak, swamp white oak, etc.), a variety of maple (sugar maple, celebration maple, etc.), Austree Hybrid Willow, London Plane, and Tulip Poplars. Shade trees that are nontoxic to dogs will be planted in the Jackie & Dave Thompson Dog Park. *Some trees will be purposefully placed along Grant St. to create a Vegetative Environmental Buffer (VEB.)


Vegetative Environmental Buffers have been shown to incrementally mitigate odors by interacting with particulates, volatile organic compounds and ammonia through a complex of bio-physical dynamics. Among the most important dynamics are: 1) enhancement of vertical atmospheric mixing through forced mechanical turbulence which enhances dilution/dispersion of odor; 2) odor filtration through particulate interception and retention; odor largely travels by way of particulates, therefore, managing particulates aides in the management of odors; 3) enhanced odor/particulate fallout due to reduced wind speeds near and downwind of the VEB; and 4) adsorption and absorption of ammonia onto and into the plant – this is largely due to a chemical affinity that ammonia has to the waxy coating on tree leaves. (Tyndall & Larsen, 2015)

Reference Tyndall, J. C., & Larsen, G. L. D. (2015, October 2). Vegetative environmental buffers for odor mitigation. Pork Information Gateway. Retrieved October 1, 2021, from





Meditative Garden

A meditation garden is an outdoor space where one can go to find balance and let go of stress and worries by practicing mindfulness in nature. Spending time in green space or bringing nature into one’s everyday life can benefit both mental and physical wellbeing. The meditative garden will consist of native landscaping with a focus on pollinator plants. Amenities within the gardens include picnic tables, pergolas, and SwingTables.


Concrete Games

Doty & Sons Concrete Products, Inc. offers a variety of concrete amenities that bring some of your favorite at home recreation engagements permanently to the park.

BYOB (bring your own bags) Concrete cornhole/Bags boards allow you to enjoy your favorite game and play outdoors without having to wrestle with portable game boards. Whether you are an avid or occasional player, our concrete cornhole boards are the regulation American Cornhole Association size and slope to ensure perfect playing conditions.

Playing ping pong does not have to be an indoor activity. Weighing in at 2,615 lbs., this concrete and steel ping pong table is made with unmatched durability and provides resistance from weathering. Guest bring their own ping pong balls and paddles.




Basketball Courts

North of the existing softball diamonds, across Chase Street, two VersaCourt outdoor basketball courts will be installed. VersaCourt commercial basketball courts provide the perfect balance of performance and durability, with some of the lowest maintenance requirements of any sports surface available. VersaCourt tile systems install quickly and securely, over new or existing surfaces, to provide a truly monolithic surface that provides consistent ball bounce and response across the entire surface of the court. The slight vertical flex of the VersaCourt tile and side-to-side movement allows forgiveness for athletes’ knees, joints and lower backs, which reduces the chance of injury during aggressive and competitive play. Every VersaCourt system is engineered to stand up to commercial traffic and last for decades to come.




Roadway and Parking Improvements

Repaved roadways and parking areas have also been built into the renovation of Patton Park. In addition to the parking areas that currently exist in Patton, an additional parking area will be added in conjunction with the construction of two basketball courts just north of Clay St.




Wetland Restoration

In the early 1990’s with the introduction of Phase I of the federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater program, municipalities began programs to limit stormwater pollution. As stormwater runoff flows through the wetland, pollutant removal is achieved by settling and biological uptake within the practice. Wetlands are among the most effective stormwater practices in terms of pollutant removal, and also offer aesthetic value.




Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are designed to capture rainwater and prevent the rapid release of excess stormwater into municipal water systems. A well-placed rain garden reduces runoff and flooding, and filters pollutants carried in stormwater runoff. Along with the municipal benefits and the conservation of a valuable natural resource, rain gardens create excellent habitat for birds and butterflies.




Additional Amenities

A variety of additional amenities are planned for installation throughout the Patton Park development:

  • Bike Racks

  • Water Fountains

  • Trash Receptacles

  • Landscaping: Shrub islands are planned to be planted throughout the park to increase shrub habitats, with a main focus around the pond. The shrubs species include (but are not limited to): Elderberry, Hazelnut, Smooth Sumac, Viburnum, Serviceberry, Witch Hazel, and Lilac.



Patton Park Project

Macomb Park District receives OSLAD grant funding for Patton Park Project!

Donations are tax deductible thanks to the Macomb Area Recreation and Leisure Foundation. If donating with check, please make out to "Macomb Area Recreation and Leisure Foundation".

Existing Elements

The Macomb Park District is excited to announce the new development of the Patton Park Project. The proposed development includes multiple new recreational and play features, beautification efforts, natural restoration initiatives and several opportunities for individuals and families to get involved.


Jackie & Dave Thompson Dog Park

Pathways for Play


The Patton Park Project through the Macomb Park District will be an incredible addition to our community. The development plans are innovative, exciting, and imaginative. The project includes attractions for persons of all ages with special attention for opportunities for individuals with physical challenges. It is the perfect balance of various recreational activities and nature restoration sites that will bring visitors back again and again.

Norine Hammond, State Representative, 93rd District

I am really excited that the Macomb Park District integrated play pockets into this project. Play pockets and two miles of multi-use trails will not only provide hands-on learning opportunities and safe pathways within our community, they will also allow children and adults spaces and activities that will benefit their mental, physical and social health. I can't wait to unplug from life in the contemplative garden or watch the geese in the wetland restoration.

Jeremy Robinett, WIU Assistant Professor & Graduate Coordinator, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

The Patton Park Project is a comprehensive plan to appeal to various sectors of the community. Once completed, it will be a valued and well-used resource for Macomb, offering innovative and functional opportunities for play, relaxation and socialization, inclusive of all citizens. I'm especially excited about the expanded dog park with its redesign and addition of agility equipment for both small and larger breed dogs...

Bonnie Smith-Skripps | HSMC President

There are so many reasons to be excited about the Patton Park Project! I am especially looking forward to the walking path around the entire park. What a wonderful way for us senior citizens and others to safely walk our way to good health. Also, as a member of Macomb Beautiful, we are so pleased to play a part in creating the contemplative garden. This beautiful oasis of flowers, plants and seating will be a favorite place for young and old to meet, relax and appreciate the outdoors.

Barb Knox | President, Macomb Beautiful Association

The plans for the Patton Park Project are all exciting, but the part we're most looking forward to is the expansions to the dog park. Our dog, Winnie, is looking forward to the new water fountain, the agility equipment and the photo booth areas. She can't wait to meet more new friends when the renovations are completed!

Drew Donahoo | Macomb Arts Center Board Of Directors

...The Macomb Park District's Patton Park Project is both transformative and revitalizing in its design and scope. Now more than ever, the public availability of modern, multi-functional outdoor attractions such as Patton Park could not be more important. This project will be a boon to the community and visitors alike.

Jock Hedblade | Executive Director, Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau/Visit Unforgettable Forgottonia

I am thrilled that the Macomb Park District has chosen to include a wetland restoration in their Patton Park Project. This important conservation initiative will increase native plant habitat for wetland wildlife species, improve water quality and provide educational opportunities for the community.

Kate Van Sloten | Program Coordinator, Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development

I am incredibly excited about the Patton Park Project! It is clear the Macomb Park District has put so much care and passion into this project to provide another safe, educational and fun environment for not only the kids, but the community as a whole.

Kylie Artcher | Operations Manager, Spring Lake Park

...The new dog park is really great. There were more people there on Labor Day than I've ever seen at the old one. Also, Veterans Park is very nice. I recently drove around it for the first time. Really nice ball fields and great parking. The play ground is also really great. Good job. You are really making Macomb a nice place to live. Thank you!

Nicholas Guarino, Macomb Resident

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