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Veterans Park

Veterans Park

Stretching over 80 acres of open land, Veterans Park is the largest outdoor sports complex in Macomb, Illinois. One can almost always find a league or event happening at Veterans Park in the Spring and the excitement stays steady through the end of late fall. Veterans Park has a variety of amenities including ball diamonds, numerous multi-use fields, playground, fitness equipment, QR Fitness Trail, as well as over 1.5 miles of walking trails running through this beautiful park.


Veterans Park also breathes of history as well. As the development of Veterans Park progressed and the scrub growth was cleared away a State of Illinois Archaeologist gleamed as he saw the east tree line for what it truly was. Estimated to be over 125 years old, this tree line stands as one of the only remaining examples of an old hedge fence in Illinois. The earliest settlers would plant young hedge trees around the perimeter of their fields and as those trees grew they would intertwine, serving as a fence to contain their livestock within their farmland.


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Veterans Park
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  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment Variety of exercises available with weight resistance technology.
  • Playground New equipment with fun and challenging obstacles.
  • Walking Trail & QR Fitness Expansive walking trail featuring QR Fitness codes along the route with varying exercises and difficulties.
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