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Mission & Values

Mission & Values





“Building Memories Through Play & Discovery!”


“Enriching lives through open space, education, and recreation opportunities.”




Our Values


Holistic Wellness


Providing Services, and opportunities designed to improve all aspects of the wellness of our community.


Opportunities Creating Inclusivity


Opportunities Creating Inclusivity

Cultivating our roots and growing our legacy with integrity, equity, and inclusion.


Preserving & Building Our Legacy


Connecting our past to our present while building our future for the entire Macomb community.


Environmental Stewardship


Creating awareness and supporting responsible choices with our natural resources through education, conservation, and sustainability.



Our Story

Since 1947, Macomb Park District has worked to enrich lives through education, recreation and open space opportunities. Standing on the foundation of its history, Macomb Park District is dedicated to the protection and development of facilities and community partnerships. Ambitiously developing innovative activities, events, and social media campaigns has pushed it to be one of the leading providers of recreational endeavors in the area. The dedicated staff of the Macomb Park District aim to​​ assure the continued existence of public open space, assess the public needs for recreational opportunities, provide recreational programs to meet recognized public needs, protect the properties in our custody, cooperate with community groups in meeting a beneficial community need and serve the community with dedication and professionalism.


Pursuant to Public Act 101-0504: Disclosure of public employee benefits.


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