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Citizens Plaza

Located at the edge of Downtown Macomb. Originally established by Clock Tower Community Bank: A Division of Morton Community Bank, this park was donated to the Macomb Park District in October of 2021.


Visit the sculpture park!


Each sculpture in this park reflects aspects of our local parks, as well as the history and culture of our fair city. Please feel free to try and pull the sword from our local stone, or see if you can find your face in the stack of local vases. Perhaps the spinning Zoetrope is more your kind of illusion, or the quirky movements of our local birds. However you choose to interact, we are glad you are here!


In Spring of 2023, two solar picnic tables were installed at Citizens Plaza! Not only are these electronic device charging oasis powered by the sun, they are also made from recycled materials to be an eco-friendly masterpiece.


The Macomb School of Magic - Interactive Sculpture Park