Lakeview Nature Area

Lakeview Nature Area encompasses 80.3 acres of land including prairie, wetland and woodland systems in Macomb, IL. It features 55 acres of restored tallgrass prairie including native grasses, forms and wildflowers. Lakeview Nature Area is home to deer, turkeys, groundhogs and a wide variety of insects and birds. There are over 60 Eastern Bluebird nesting boxes to aid in conservation, as well as a newly planted pollinator garden and a designated Monarch waystation. Lakeview Nature Area is home to the Lakeview Prairie Labyrinth and the Lakeview Nature Center. With diverse outdoor seating options, extensive hiking trails and public parking, Lakeview Nature Area truly offers something for everyone, whether you attend a program here or host your very own event!

Lakeview Nature Center

Built over 25 years ago, the framing of Lakeview Nature Center consists of hand hewn oak timbers and mortise and tenon joinery. The center was recently renovated in 2017. Within the center are 2 main levels that are wheelchair accessible and have a capacity of 85 people. The main level specializes in educational experiences and hands-on learning stations that focus on local flora, fauna, and ecological specifics of the area. The lower level offers an adaptable space perfect for workshops, learning stations and rentals.