Patton Park Project
The Macomb Park District is excited to announce the new development of the Patton Park Project. The proposed development includes multiple new recreational and play features, beautification efforts, natural restoration initiatives and several opportunities for individuals and families to get involved.
Donations are tax deductible thanks to the Macomb Area Recreation and Leisure Foundation. If donating with check, please make out to “Macomb Area Recreation and Leisure Foundation”.
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Project Status
Patton Park Project 23%

Pending Elements of the Patton Park Project


North of the existing softball diamonds, across Chase Street, two VersaCourt outdoor basketball courts will be installed. Providing the perfect balance of performance and durability, every VersaCourt system is engineered to stand up to commercial traffic and last for decades to come.


Wetlands provide critical habitat, breeding grounds and sources of food for local wildlife. They help control erosion, limit flooding, moderate groundwater levels and base flow, assimilate nutrients, protect drinking water sources, and buffer coastal areas from storm surges.


Spending time in a contemplative garden can assist in disconnecting and unplugging from the busyness of modern life; it can help one slow down and just be. Enjoying the sights, sounds and fragrances of nature. This relaxation spot will provide an ambiance unlike any of our other parks.


The proposed development includes just under two miles of multi-use trails. A multi-use trail design provides a free means of healthy exercise. A safe space is given to children, cyclists, and other pedestrians to travel without fear of traffic dangers or the growing cost of vehicular transportation.

Completed Elements of the Patton Park Project

Jackie and Dave Thompson Dog Park (Expansion and Relocation)

Dog parks are not only places where our dogs can enjoy each other but where owners and pet lovers can find kindred spirits. For dogs, especially ones whose owners work long hours, regular dog park visits can provide an outlet for the day’s pent-up vitality and energy and most owners will see a reduction in frustration behaviors at home. Dog parks provide socialization – a key component in most dogs’ psyche. Dog parks bring people of all walks of life together, and age, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, etc., all seem to melt away when we talk about our dogs. The current dog park will be relocated to the southeast section of Patton Park where the current pee-wee/practice football field sits and will be expanded to over double the current size. Featured inside the new off leash area will a combination course with 6 pieces of agility equipment specific for small dogs and six pieces of agility equipment specific for larger breeds. In addition to the combination course, the new off-leash area will host a fido and me fountain, a dog wash station, photo booth panels, and more!

Pathways for Play®

PlayCore has partnered with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, NC State University to offer an educational resource designed to help professional and community activists promote playful trails and greenways across our nation. The partnership also included collaborations with Advisory Committee of experts from American Trails. Pathways for Play intentionally integrates play into community pathway networks to provide opportunities for playing along the way and encourage use by children and families. The purpose of Pathways for Play is to integrate play – critical for children’s health – into walkable, bikeable, shared use community pathway networks infused with “play pockets” providing opportunities for playing along the way. In the last 40 years, the number of children and adolescents in the United States walking or bicycling to or from school has dropped from approximately half to fewer than 15%. Innovative pathway designs infused with play is a paradigm change that could increase children’s walking and biking habits by offering a network of intriguing linear play environments connecting children’s homes to playgrounds and other meaningful, daily life destinations.

🌳 Patton Park Positives 🐶

Norine HammondState Representative, 93rd District
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The Patton Park Project through the Macomb Park District will be an incredible addition to our community. The development plans are innovative, exciting, and imaginative. The project includes attractions for persons of all ages with special attention for opportunities for individuals with physical challenges. It is the perfect balance of various recreational activities and nature restoration sites that will bring visitors back again and again.
Jeremy RobinettWIU Assistant Professor & Graduate Coordinator, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
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I am really excited that the Macomb Park District integrated play pockets into this project. Play pockets and two miles of multi-use trails will not only provide hands-on learning opportunities and safe pathways within our community, they will also allow children and adults spaces and activities that will benefit their mental, physical and social health. I can't wait to unplug from life in the contemplative garden or watch the geese in the wetland restoration.
Bonnie Smith-SkrippsHSMC President
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The Patton Park Project is a comprehensive plan to appeal to various sectors of the community. Once completed, it will be a valued and well-used resource for Macomb, offering innovative and functional opportunities for play, relaxation and socialization, inclusive of all citizens. I'm especially excited about the expanded dog park with its redesign and addition of agility equipment for both small and larger breed dogs...
Barb KnoxPresident, Macomb Beautiful Association
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There are so many reasons to be excited about the Patton Park Project! I am especially looking forward to the walking path around the entire park. What a wonderful way for us senior citizens and others to safely walk our way to good health. Also, as a member of Macomb Beautiful, we are so pleased to play a part in creating the contemplative garden. This beautiful oasis of flowers, plants and seating will be a favorite place for young and old to meet, relax and appreciate the outdoors.
Drew DonahooMacomb Arts Center Board Of Directors
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The plans for the Patton Park Project are all exciting, but the part we're most looking forward to is the expansions to the dog park. Our dog, Winnie, is looking forward to the new water fountain, the agility equipment and the photo booth areas. She can't wait to meet more new friends when the renovations are completed!
Jock HedbladeExecutive Director, Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau/Visit Unforgettable Forgottonia
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...The Macomb Park District's Patton Park Project is both transformative and revitalizing in its design and scope. Now more than ever, the public availability of modern, multi-functional outdoor attractions such as Patton Park could not be more important. This project will be a boon to the community and visitors alike.
Kate Van SlotenProgram Coordinator, Prairie Hills Resource Conservation and Development
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I am thrilled that the Macomb Park District has chosen to include a wetland restoration in their Patton Park Project. This important conservation initiative will increase native plant habitat for wetland wildlife species, improve water quality and provide educational opportunities for the community.
Kylie ArtcherOperations Manager, Spring Lake Park
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I am incredibly excited about the Patton Park Project! It is clear the Macomb Park District has put so much care and passion into this project to provide another safe, educational and fun environment for not only the kids, but the community as a whole.
Nicholas GuarinoMacomb Resident
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...The new dog park is really great. There were more people there on Labor Day than I've ever seen at the old one. Also, Veterans Park is very nice. I recently drove around it for the first time. Really nice ball fields and great parking. The play ground is also really great. Good job. You are really making Macomb a nice place to live. Thank you!

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