The Patton Park Project includes the planting of over 200 trees! Tree species include Eastern Red Cedar, a variety of oak (bur oak, swamp white oak, etc.), a variety of maple (sugar maple, celebration maple, etc.), Austree Hybrid Willow, London Plane, and Tulip Poplars. Shade trees that are nontoxic to dogs will be planted in the Jackie & Dave Thompson Dog Park. *Some trees will be purposefully placed along Grant St. to create a Vegetative Environmental Buffer (VEB.)

Vegetative Environmental Buffers have been shown to incrementally mitigate odors by interacting with particulates, volatile organic compounds and ammonia through a complex of bio-physical dynamics. Among the most important dynamics are: 1) enhancement of vertical atmospheric mixing through forced mechanical turbulence which enhances dilution/dispersion of odor; 2) odor filtration through particulate interception and retention; odor largely travels by way of particulates, therefore, managing particulates aides in the management of odors; 3) enhanced odor/particulate fallout due to reduced wind speeds near and downwind of the VEB; and 4) adsorption and absorption of ammonia onto and into the plant – this is largely due to a chemical affinity that ammonia has to the waxy coating on tree leaves. (Tyndall & Larsen, 2015)

Reference Tyndall, J. C., & Larsen, G. L. D. (2015, October 2). Vegetative environmental buffers for odor mitigation. Pork Information Gateway. Retrieved October 1, 2021, from