Pathways for Play®

Macomb Park District has been recognized for our commitment to providing a high-quality outdoor park destination that exemplifies evidence-based best practices in design, offers meaningful experiences, and thoughtfully supports health and wellness in their community. Patton Park serves as a model project of excellence in the following National Demonstration Site designations. Patton Park intentionally infuses play along a walkable, shared-use linear environment to encourage active lifestyles for children, families, and their community. This Pathways for Play National Demonstration Site, creates a playful route for families to explore, discover, learn, and be physically active together surrounded by nature. In the last 40 years, the number of children and adolescents in the United States walking or bicycling to or from school has dropped from approximately half to fewer than 15%. Innovative pathway designs infused with play is a paradigm change that could increase children’s walking and biking habits by offering a network of intriguing linear play environments connecting children’s homes to playgrounds and other meaningful, daily life destinations. The Macomb Park District has been commended by PlayCore for turning research into practice and offering evidence-based solutions that build healthier, happier communities through the power of play and recreation.