Everly Park

With over 30 acres of naturally cultivating green space, Everly Park is a perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and grind of the day. Located in Everly Park are four shelter houses fully prepared to make any celebration or random occasion a special day to remember. Throughout the park one can enjoy a variety of recreation and leisure opportunities as well. Everly park has three volleyball nets located near three of our shelters.
Everly Pond, located on the north edge of Macomb, is a two acre expanse of water surrounded by the beautiful ambiance provided by the Everly Park environment. Amenities are also available to enjoy a beautiful day by the Everly Pond. Stocked with a variety of fish for any level of angler, the pond side seating and fishing stages provide for any angle a trawler might desire.

All individuals who pursue fishing at any of our locations are required to acquire the proper license and follow the terms set by the State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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