Patton Park


35 acres of expansive green terrain set the stage for a diverse recreational experience through Patton Park. The west wing of the park envelopes the spirit of leisure opportunity by hosting a two dog parks adjacent to the Patton Pavilion, the Patton Pond, the newly built Patton Playground, and one shelter. The east region embraces the energy of athletics and competition. The Macomb Little League brings Spring to an uproar to all three of Patton's ball diamonds with Coach Pitch, Pee Wee, and Minor League ball, along with The Macomb Junior Football League practices preparing youth for their intense fall seasons.

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Off Leash Dog Park

Unique to Macomb's Park system, Patton park offers a exclusive area just for your canine companion(s). Allow your pup to run free through half an acre of a less restrictive setting.  Two separate play areas are available for use year round. The smaller dog area was created for dogs requiring segregation due to: size, disposition, health concerns, or other reasons.  The dog park can be accessed from the South Ward Street entrance of Patton Park.

Patton Park's Off Leash Dog Park

General Guidelines for Off-Leash Dog Exercise Area:

- Keep Gate Close

- Dogs should be up to date with all vaccinations and in compliance with licensing law

- Remove leash upon entry to area - leashed dogs may act in a more defensive or aggressive manner to other dogs present

-The 5 R's to a Safe and Clean Doggy Area:

1. Round up all doggy droppings and other waste which may be in the area
2. Refrain from eating in the area, especially when other dogs are present
3. Remove toys, reading material or other items when leaving
4. Restrict your canine companion from digging holes
5. Restrain from bringing sick or injured dogs so as to prevent risk to other dogs.

- Supervise Children - this dog area has been established specifically for dogs. Children at play may cause unpredictable actions from dogs unfamiliar to the children or that type of activity

- Owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs - if injury or damage occurs, please provide the other owner with your name, address, and phone number.

This area will be most enjoyable by owners being responsible. Please train your dog in basic obedience, spay/neuter your dog, exercise consideration for all park users and area neighbors. First time users may want to come during non-peak hours to acclimate themselves and the dog to the new environment.  

You can check out the park at anytime with our live feeds.

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Patton Pavilion

Bring the entire family for an afternoon picnic or a day at the park and allow Patton Pavilion to set the stage. With an ideal location that overlooks the entire park, all family members can enjoy their favorite leisure activity from the family canine enjoying play dates in the off leash dog park to family members fishing while the youth play on the playground.

Patton Pavilion standing tall in front of the off leash dog park


Patton Shelters

Pond's Edge Shelter house surrounded by the Patton Pond and adjacent to the playground
South Shelter sits to the east of patton pond and is directly in front of one of the ball diamonds and practice football field
Shelter in Patton Park near the Little League diamonds

*All Shelters & the Pavilion in Patton Park are available for use on a first come first save basis. They are not available for reservations."