Glenwood Park


Immersed within an Oak Hickory Forest, with over 150 years of history in their roots, sets Glenwood Park. Among 22 acres of rolling hills and towering trees one can enjoy the escape found in enveloping themselves in the natural calm and wonder of the outdoors. Glenwood park hosts a variety of opportunities that set the stage for events such as a family celebration or environmental education based school outing to a tranquil stroll through natural green space. Glenwood Park plays host to the opening nine holes of the Everwood Disc Golf course, a volleyball net, a playground, several picnic areas, the Glenwood Stone Shelter, and several geocaches varying in size and difficulty.

Glenwood Stone Shelter

Since 1938, the Glenwood Stone Shelter has stood as an icon in the center of Glenwood Park. This two story shelter has served as the focal point for a wide array of special occasions. Amenities within the Stone Shelter include electricity, lighting, public restrooms, two permanent grill structures, picnic tables, and garbage receptacles.

Glenwood Stone Shelter


Capacity - 100          Rental Cost - $45.00 for residents     $60.00 for non-residents


All shelters are available at a first come, first serve basis. If you would like to reserve a shelter please call the Main Park District Office (309-833-4562) for dates. All consumers interested in reserving a shelter must abide by the terms and conditions as follows: 


1. A facility use permit is required for any group of twenty (20) or more.

2.  Special arrangements must be made for groups over 100.

3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in Macomb Park District parks and facilities.

4. All activities shall be properly controlled and supervised. Persons participating in activities under 18 years of age, must have adequate adult supervision.

5. No loud excessive noises will take place that will disturb other users of the park or park neighbors. Electronically amplified sound is prohibited without written approval from the Macomb Park District Board of Commissioners.

6. The Macomb Park Board of Commissioners, the Executive Director, other authorized park district personnel, or the City of Macomb Police Department may revoke any permit, without notice, if it is determined that the application for the permit contained any misrepresentations or false statement, or that any condition set fourth in the policies, governing the permit requested is not being complied with, or that the safety of the participants in the applicants or the patrons or visitors to the parks is endangered by the continuation of the activity.

7. No persons shall solicit contributions, nor offer to sell or exchange any article or things, nor buy any article or things, for any purpose whatsoever, within any of the parks or facilities of the district, except by written permission of the Executive Director or the Executive Director's representative.

8. The permit holder agrees to deposit all trash and litter (resulting from the event) in trash receptacles.

9. The applicant agrees to assume liability for any damage done to any park property as a result of the event.

10. The Macomb Park District will not be liable for any claims for injury or damages resulting from or arising out of the district's facility or premises. The permit holder agrees to indemnify the Macomb Park District and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, damages, losses, and expenses. If requested by the Macomb Park  District the permit holder shall carry insurance against such claimed and furnish the district with a certificate of insurance evidencing the same.

11. Individuals, Organizations, etc. will forfeit their shelter rental fee for cancellations that are notified less than 2 weeks prior to date of event.

12. Shelters that have been rented with less than two weeks prior to date of use will not be eligible for a refund.

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