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Macomb Park District Mission:
"Enriching Citizens' Lives Through Education, Recreation, and Open Space Opportunities."

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Discover the beauty and serenity of Macomb through the multitude of natural open spaces within the Macomb Park District. Each of our parks offer a variety of opportunities through shelters, seating options, sporting opportunities, playgrounds, and more.

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Water Activities


Relax, unwind, or explore with the multitude of opportunities available through the Macomb Park District's water sources. From fishing to kayaking excursions to a calm day by the pool we can provide that extra SPLASH to your day.

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Events & Services


Take the ordinary out of your day with experience and event possibilities through the Macomb Park District. Whether attending one of our pre-planned programs and special events or utilizing service options to put on your own, the Macomb Park District has you covered.

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Take a glance at the chances that are made possible through the Macomb Park District's sports facilities. Whether you're looking to start a sports league utilizing one of our many multi-use sports fields and have a relaxing family day with a round of mini-golf, we have the sports facilities to accommodate those ambitions.

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